Films / Steel Trap


Annabelle Wallis, Georgi Mackenzie, Mark Wilson, Pascal Langdale, Julia Ballard, Joanna Bobin, Adam Rayner, Frank Maier


DirectorLuis Camara
WritersGabrielle Galanter, Luis Camara
ProducersOliver Simon, Daniel Baur
Junior ProducerFlorian Puchert
Co-Executive ProducerPierre David
World SalesImagination Worldwide LLC (USA)
DistributorDimension Films (USA & Canada), Lionsgate Films (UK)


It´s New Year´s Eve. A group of people gather for a party high up on the rooftop of a abandoned highrise. While the evening is turning into a wild night of fun, booze and dancing a text message invites some of t the guests to the „real“ party on the 27th floor. On the 27th floor, they find themselves at a bizarre version of a children´s birthday party. Apparently victims of a prank they decide to leave, but the elevator is dead. They head for the staircase, only to realize it has been locked, like all fire exits. Cut off from the outside world they are trapped in the empty tower. As they feverishly search for a way out, a masked assailant viciously attacks the group and kills one before disappearing into the maze of empty offices and hallways. Next to the first victim they find a list of their names – with his crossed out. Now, they have to face the truth; they have been handpicked to play a sadistic and deadly game! The horrified band of players must quickly figure out the rules to survive. With danger around every corner and death on every floor our group must outrun, outthink and outplay their opponent if they are to have any shot at leaving the building alive…