Films / Moharram


DirectorsDavid Nawrath, Florian Schewe
ProducerOliver Simon


Moharram is the annual month of mourning in Iran, honoring the death of the martyr Imam Hossein 1400 years ago. This is the only time for Tehran’s youth to meet openly in the streets and celebrate without breaking the law. Of Tehran’s more than 14 million inhabitants, over 70% are under the age of 30. The opportunities to escape the pressure of the highly conservative regime are limited solely to the private sector. Behind closed doors they are looking for a way to reconcile the growing influence of the liberal West with their strict religion in order to find their own identity. In its intimacy, complexity and emotionality the film goes far beyond the familiar, usually explosive depictions of Iran. Following its two protagonists Amir Hossein and Samira, the film not only offers insights, but also an understanding for a culture that is otherwise alien to Europeans.