Films / Jill


Juliet Rylance, Tom Pelphrey, Zackary Arthur, Garret Wareing


Writer/DirectorSteven Michael Hayes
ProducerChristof Neracher (hugofilm)
Producer (K5 Film)Daniel Baur
Executive ProducerOliver Simon


It was before Jill was born that her parents left a society they no longer believed in. In the mid 70’s Ted and Joann bought 1000 acres of secluded wilderness on the Canadian-Montana border and went back to the land. Together with their four sons, they became what Joann called “experts in living with the rules of nature”. Jill was born into the wild and for Ted the birth of his only daughter was nothing more than proof that they where “doing the only right thing”. However, when Jill’s brothers grow older, and one of them expresses his wish to go to college, her father’s true convictions start to surface. Ted never trusted society, and when his son leaves against his will, he begins to tighten his regime. With Colt gone the family falls out of balance and Joann starts to question the secluded life they had chosen. Her doubts only fuel Ted’s obsessions of protecting his family from something that doesn’t exist. Jill, at age six, has no chance of understanding why her picture perfect hippie childhood starts to crumble, nor what causes her brother and then her mother to leave her and her brothers behind. Why, shortly after, her father and her brother John die, always remained a dark spot in Jill’s memory. A stranger laying in puddle of blood, two more gunshots and her oldest brother running away, is all that she can remember. Only 30 years later, in a letter from her oldest brother, the true story of what really happened on Jill’s last day in the woods is revealed. Why her mother never talked about what happened and who her father really was, Jill is about to find out on a journey among lost images and long forgotten voices.