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2005 Drama


Happy As One (Komm Näher)


Happy as one? Or alone together? This contemporary drama crosses the paths of several people, each looking to escape their loneliness. Even though their encounters are only frail, sometimes tragic, but more often comical, they leave salutary traces in the stories of the others.

From renowned director Vanessa Jopp (Hypo Prize and First Steps Award as well as nominations for the German and European Film Awards for „Forget America“) comes a film not based on a script but created by extensive rehearsals and improvisations before and throughout the shoot, hence shaping the characters and plotlines.

The result is an authentic and humorous portrait of diverse people searching for a chance to overcome their loneliness. The film deals with their hopes and fears in family relations, friendships and love affairs. Seriously, but with a wink, „Happy as One“ tells great and small stories about our maddening quest for love and happiness.


Meret Becker, Hinnerk Schönemann, Stefanie Stappenbeck, Marek Harloff, Fritz Roth, Heidrun Bartholomäus, Marie-Luise Schramm, Jana Pallaske


Writer Adrienne Bortoli (co-writer: Stefan Schneider)
Director Vanessa Jopp
Producer Oliver Simon
Co-Producer Frank Evers (CinePlus)
Director of Photography Rainer Klausmann
Broadcasters Radio Bremen (Annette Strelow); Arte (Tatjana Röber & Birgit Kämper); WDR (Katja De Bock)
Distributor Piffl Medien GmbH


Genre Drama
Length 97'
Format DV / color / blow-up 35mm
Year o. P. 2005
Language German

Selected Festivals

  • 2006 2nd International Eurasia Filmfestival in Antalya

    — Official Selection

  • 2006 Berlin Film Festival

    — Official Selection Panorama

  • 2006 Copenhagen Filmfestival

    — Award for Heidrun Bartholomäus as „Best Actress“

  • 2006 Flanders Filmfestival Ghent

    — Official Selection

  • 2006 German Film Awards

    — Nominated in the categories “Best Feature Film” and “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” for Meret Becker

  • 2006 Karlovy Vary Film Festival

    — Official Selection

  • 2006 Montreal Filmfestival

    — Official Selection

  • 2006 Seattle Filmfestival

    — Official Selection