Films / Am Ende des Tages


Nicholas Ofczarek (Wolfgang), Simon Schwarz (Robert), Anna Unterberger (Katharina)


WRITERKai Hensel, Peter Payer
PRODUCERViktoria Sacher, Mathias Forberg (Prisma Film, nominalen for the Academy Awards 2009 with
CO-PRODUCEROliver Simon, Oda Schäfer


Right before the busiest phase oft he elections, young plitician Robert and his three-months-pregnant wife Katharina just want to spend a weekend together. Almost immediately after they depart für their cottage in the Tyrolian Alps, the realize that they are being followed. The stalker reveals himself tob e Wolfgang, an „old friend“ of Robert´s. Wolfgang does not just want to chat about old times: a dark secret from 23 years ago links the two oft hem. Wolfgang wants to get even, and therefore has decided to claim justice, to destroy his old friend´s political career and life.

As the three chracters drive towards the Tyrolian Alps, the story becomes a roller-coaster of guilt and revenge, secrets and lies.

„We sail with a corpse in the cargo“, when Henrik ibsen wrote his famous line, he could have had our story in mind. „Am Ende des Tages“, written by Kai Hensel and directed by Austrian helmer Peter Payer, will be a „kammerspiel“ at high-speed, a thriller that leads right towards the ultimate psychological and physical abyss.