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2005 Horror Thriller


Blood Trails


When bike messenger Anne bumps into the cop Chris during her last minute delivery route, she ends up in his appartment making love to him. Her bad conscience and a vicious hangover make her propose to her boyfriend a romantic weekend in the mountains.

Their amorous getaway starts off harmoniously. On their first trip out, down the mountainbike trails of a deserted wilderness, Chris suddenly appears. In an instant, he murders Anne's boyfriend in front of her eyes. The deadly hunt has just begun...


Rebecca Palmer, Ben Price, Tom Frederic


Writer Robert Krause, Florian Puchert
Director Robert Krause
Producer Oliver Simon
Junior Producer Florian Puchert
Distributor Imagination Woldwide LLC (USA), Lionsgate (UK)


Genre Horror Thriller
Length 90'
Year o. P. 2005
Language English

Selected Festivals

  • 2006 Austin Fantastic Film Fest

    — Official Selection

  • 2006 Dead by Dawn International Horror Film Festival

    — won the Audience Award

  • 2006 Germany Fantasy Film

    — Official Selection

  • 2006 Madrid Fantasy Film Festival

    — Official Selection

  • 2007 Fantasporto Oporto International Film Festival

    — Official Selection

  • 2007 Gerardmer International Fantasy Film Festival

    — Official Selection