Films / Bad Company


WritersRobert Schwentke, Matthew Wilder
DirectorRobert Schwentke
ProducersOliver Simon, Daniel Baur, Oda Schaefer


A decomposing body with its head blown off is found in Caswell Canyon CA. Cut to: In 1983 Laney Jacobs, blond, beautiful and bold, is a hugely successful drug dealer in Miami working for a Colombian cartel. She leaves for Los Angeles not only with the brief to expand the cartel’s reach in the west, but with a different plan – to use her millions to buy her way into Hollywood and out of the coke business that has made her.

Joining forces with failing vaudeville impresario Roy Radin and legendary but fading producer Robert Evans together they plan to finance Radin’s project The Cotton Club, a film about Harlem gangsters and musicians. Deals are done then undone –  none of the principals wants to share this sure-fire hit. Pushed out of the movie, by the duplicitous shark Evans and the greedy Radin, and owing heavily to the cartel having been ripped off by her middleman, Laney is forced to show her teeth.

Drugs, money-laundering and murder combine explosively in this true story based on Steve Wick’s book Bad Company: Drugs, Hollywood, and the Cotton Club Murder.