About us

Mission Statement

K5 Film produces films.
With amazing talent, excellent craftmanship and fabulous style.
Offering thrills, inspiration, laughs, insight.
And food for thought, aspiration and debate.
K5 films’ cater to the mind and to the market.
K5 Film produces films. K5 films.


K5 has been in the vanguard for many years – launching freeX in 1993, the first ever German script development agency; founding K5 Film, a production company with a studio-like package deal with Bavaria Film; setting up the digital content company Nowtilus which became the German market leader in only three years before its sale to Rovi.

K5 was first to believe in the distribution of English language films – out of Germany. After 10 years of selling Oscar contenders and internationally acclaimed films, K5 teamed up with Amazon in 2013 to co-finance and produce the latest film by Jim Jarmusch – Paterson, starring Adam Driver. Since we have re-focused on producing. Just recently K5 has forged a partnership with Netflix to distribute our latest cinematic enterprise ANON by Andrew Niccol, starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried.

Keeping pace with the times, K5 has entered the realm of games partnering with one of the most innovative film tech companies, ARRI Media, developing mobile AR experiences based on movie IPs..

Stay tuned…

Contact and imprint

Oliver Simon Partner - Production & Acquisitions
Daniel Baur Partner – Sales & Finance
Oda Schaefer Partner - Production & Acquisitions
Sascha Prestel Partner – Business Development
Tiziana Prestel Project-Management
Axel Rolfs Head of Business & Legal Affairs
Franziska Wolle Head of Accounting
Ann-Katrin Galow Executive Assistant